Introductory Courses

"One must begin at the root and grow slowly, grow with patience and grow through persistence" - Shandor Remete (Chaya Yoga)


Yoga can be practiced by anyone, no matter of fitness, suppleness or age.

It's a matter of starting from the Beginning. Building a good foundation, from which body and mind can grow (back together).


The Beginners Course is an introduction into warm-ups, breathing techniques and the first important stances, that bring movement and suppleness to the joints, strength to the bones.

The mind finds stability and calmness through the inward focus and attention to breath.

As the Introductory Course guides you through the principles of Shadow Yoga it is advisable to start here, even for students of other Yoga Traditions.

It's a demanding practice, that will build your understanding of the yoga postures deeply and leaves you balanced in body and mind.


".. it gives me a good nights sleep, because I'm so relaxed after.."

Catherine C.

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